MSS Mountain Bike Programme

Published on Wednesday, 29 June 2016, 12:19 p.m. Print Article

Every Wednesday at 4:30pm Lexie, Alyssa, Maya, Aaron, Sean, Michael, Milan, Dylan, Marshall, Tayvin, Joshua and Leon come back to school to take part in the senior mountain bike programme.  There is also a junior group at 3:30pm. 

During the first session Brent, Lenny and two police women checked our bikes to see if there were any problems.  Next we learnt about hand signals like what you do for stopping and turning.  Then we practised turning around corners, we went in between the trees on the back field and then we all raced back as fast as we could!  At the end we had a competition to see who could stand and balance on their bike pedals the longest in the same spot without pedalling.  Aaron, Sean, Maya and Michael all won a free drink bottle kindly donated by Coppins. 

On the second, third and fourth session we practiced our skills around the estuary and BMX tracks.  Jess from Krankin’ Kids has been teaching us and giving us lots of tips when riding our bikes. 

On our fifth session we finally got to go out to the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park.  We got to do some of the amazing mountain bike tracks. We did Easy Rider,  Swamp Monster, Swish and Half Pipe. Going down Half Pipe at night it was very dark so we all had to put our lights on. If it is on again we think more people should do it as it is a great opportunity for everyone!

We can't wait to head out to the MTB Park today for our final session with Brent and Jess.