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Welcome to our Year 1 & 2 class. I am Mrs Jill Price and in Room 2B this year there are 23 busy happy children engaged in their learning. We love Discovery time because we get to do lots of fun things and go to other classes to try new things.  We use lots of materials in Maths so we can make patterns, count and solve math problems. We are very good at counting forward and backward and ordering numbers. It is fun reading our stories to buddies and sharing ideas with our groups. We are becoming super writers and can plan and use our writing tools to help us record our stories.  We are an inclusive class, where everyone is valued and respected. We are working towards being self managing in all areas of our school life. Respecting ourselves, others and our environment is an important aspect of Room 2B's ethos and we use THINK - Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary and is it Kind as a reminder of how we talk to others. . Everyone works together to make Room 2B a happy environment to learn. As MSS learners we try our best — Better Every Single Time.