MSS Keys to Success

The New Zealand Revised Curriculum sets the overall learning direction for students nationwide.  Motueka South School has, through a process of consultation and co-construction with the school staff and students, Board of Trustees and community, developed and implemented its own school curriculum, adapted to the particular needs and goals of our learning community.  The MSS curriculum aims to use and foster links between local resources, community support and the school’s current effective systems and good practice.

What do we want for our students?

Resourceful and Enterprising
Students should develop the confidence and flexibility of thinking to meet challenges and resolve problems in positive ways.
Socially Competent
Students should be able to relate well to others, to empathise with others and be respectful. 
Future Thinkers
Students should be looking beyond Motueka into the future and into the wider world, making positive choices about social action and their possible future roles. 
Balanced Learners
Students should believe in themselves, be connected to others by managing themselves and having healthy social relationships, and seek to explore and fulfil their own learning potential.